Ruffle (software)

open source emulator for Adobe Flash

Ruffle is an open source program that runs Flash content. It is written in Rust. The emulator can be ran on Windows, macOS, Linux or major web browsers.

Developer(s)Mike Welsh
Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams
Callum Thomson
Written inRust
LicenseMIT license, Apache License 2.0 Edit this on Wikidata



Adobe Flash was very popular to use for many types of media, such as videos, games and interactive applications, in the 2000s and early 2010s.[1]

HTML5, a version of HTML which does these things better, slowly made Flash less popular.[2] From 2015, Adobe has openly said HTML5 is better because it is a full open standard.[1] Flash continued to become less popular.[2] In 2017, Adobe said they plan to retire Flash by 2020.[3]

It is often not recommended to create Flash content now, but being able to run old SWF files has been a major digital preservation worry.[4]

Google Labs closed Swiffy, which could convert Flash content to HTML5, in 2016.[5]



In 2016, Mike Welsh started the project, which was named Fluster.[6][7]

Ruffle is open source. Its source code is available on GitHub.[8]

Websites using Ruffle


Some websites have said they will use Ruffle instead of Flash as early as 2019. For example:



Ruffle can run older Flash content, which uses ActionScript 1.0 or ActionScript 2.0. ActionScript 3.0 support will come.[14][15]



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