Ryszard Kaczorowski

Polish statesman, Last President of Poland in Exile
Ryszard Kaczorowski, the last President of Poland in exile

Ryszard Kaczorowski (born 26 November 1919 in Białystok - died 10 April 2010 in Smolensk) near Katyn Forest was a Polish politician and statesman. He was the last President of Poland within Government in Exile, which originated from early days of the World War II and was internationally recognized until 1945.

Kaczorowski who was active in Polish scouting movement, organized anti-Soviet resistance in 1939-1940 and was arrested, sentenced to death, which was commuted to 10 years of hard labour. Released in 1941 he joined Anders Army and fought in a battle of Monte Cassino. Kaczorowski decided to remain in exile in the United Kingdom following the establishment of the communist government and worked for many years as economist, but never became a British citizen. He was active in emigree circles, being head of exiled Polish scouting for example.

After retirement, he became Minister of Home Affairs in exile and was named designated successor for President Kazimierz Sabbat. He succeeded the office on 19 July 1989 following Sabbat sudden death.

After the popular election of Lech Wałęsa for President of Poland in 1990, Kaczorowski handed presidential insignia of pre-War Poland to him and Government in Exile ended it's historical activity, recognizing new Third Republic of Poland.

Although largerly not involved in partisian politics, Kaczorowski remained an active figure after his Presidency, visiting Poland frequently (as he lived permanently in London) and participating in many events.

He died in a presidential plane crash with President Lech Kaczyński on 10 April 2010 in Russia. His body laid in state in Warsaw's Belvedere palace and he was buried in Temple of Providence Divinity.

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