Sahab, Jordan


Sahab is a Jordanian industrial city. It is part of the Capital Governorate. It is considered one of the industrial cities in which medicines and foodstuffs are produced. Its area is (12 km²), meaning that it occupies (0.04%) of the total area of the Greater Amman Municipality, and its population is (71,060), according to the statistics of 2011. It joined the Greater Amman Municipality on December 12, 2006.

Skyline of Sahab, 2020
Skyline of Sahab, 2020
Sahab District within the Amman Governorate
Sahab District within the Amman Governorate
Sahab is located in Jordan
Coordinates: 31°52′N 36°00′E / 31.867°N 36.000°E / 31.867; 36.000
Country Jordan
GovernorateAmman Governorate
Founding of settlement1894
Founding of municipality1962
 • TypeMunicipality
 • MayorAbbas Maharmeh
 • Total169,434
Time zoneUTC + 2

It is considered an important economic center with an industrial and commercial nature. It contains the two largest industrial clusters in the Kingdom (King Abdullah II Industrial City and the Industrial Clusters City).

The city holds Cave of the Seven Sleepers, as well as the Islamic Sahab Cemetery. It also holds Sahab Sports City and several youth sports centers and clubs. It has archaeological sites that date back to the city of Slade in the thirteenth century BC.

It is strategically located and links the capital Amman to the south of the Kingdom in addition to Saudi Arabia and Iraq to the east. The city retains the clan characteristics, customs and traditions.

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