Salween River

river in Asia

Salween River is a major river in Southeast Asia. It flows through parts of China, Thailand, and Burma for 2,815 km (1,749 mi). The river originates in the Qinghai Mountains and flows west. But then it turns east and south, flowing into the Andaman Sea at Mawlamyaing, Burma.

Salawin river at Mae Sam Laep.jpg
Salween River forming the boundary between Burma and Thailand
Countries China, Burma, Thailand
State Yunnan
Region Tibet
 - left Moei River
City Mawlamyaing
Source Qinghai Mountains
 - elevation 1,578 m (5,177 ft)
Mouth Andaman Sea
 - location Mawlamyaing, Burma
 - elevation m (0 ft)
Length 2,815 km (1,749 mi)
Basin 324,000 km² (125,097 sq mi)
 - average 1,614 /s (56,998 cu ft/s)
Salween drainage area
Salween drainage area

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