Argentine Senate

upper house of Argentina Congress
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The Argentine Senate is the upper house of the Argentine National Congress. It has 72 senators. There are three for each province and three for Buenos Aires. There used to be 2 senators from each province. That was changed in 1994.

Argentine National Senate
Senado de la Nación Argentina
Coat of arms or logo
Amado Boudou, PJ-FPV
Since 10 Dec 2011
Majority Leader
Miguel Ángel Pichetto, PJ-FPV
Since 10 Dec 2001
Minority Leader
Gerardo Morales, UCR
Since 10 Dec 2005
Seats72 (list)
Political groups
PJ - FPV (30)
UCR (17)
Federal Peronism (14)
Progressive Ample Front (4)
Córdoba Civic Front (2)
New Encounter (2)
Civic Coalition (2)
Civic Front for Santiago (1)
Neuquén People's Movement (1)
Last election
28 June 2009
Meeting place
Senate Chamber, Argentine Congress
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Senators are elected by direct election on a provincial basis. The party with the most votes is given two of the province's senate seats. The second-place party gets the third seat. Currently one-third of the members are elected every two years to a six-year term. In other words, one-third of the provinces hold senate elections every two years.


According to Section 55 of the Argentine Constitution, candidates for the Argentine Senate must

  • be at least 30 years old
  • have been a citizen of Argentina for six years
  • be native to the province of his office, or have been a resident of that province for two years.