Shekhani dialect

kata-vari dialect spoken in Chitral
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Shekhani (شیخانی) is a name for the Nuristani language spoken in Chitral District of northwestern Pakistan. Sheikhani is presumed to be a variety of Kata-vari language.[3] It is one of the many Languages of Chitral.[4] Around 12,000 people speak the language.[5][6] Currently there is a Latin script and Arabic script being developed for Shekhani.·[7] The Khowar name for it is ‘’Sheikhwar’’[8] which means “Language of the Sheikhs or converts”. It is currently endangered due to it’s isolation from other Nuristani languages and close proximity to Dardic and Iranian languages.[9]

Native toPakistan
Region(Valleys of Gobor, Shekhandeh, Rumbur, Badogar, and Urtsun), Chitral District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Native speakers
12,000 (2019)[1][2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bsh

Usage change

The name "Shekhani" is used for the Eastern Kata-vari dialect. But because Kamviri in Chitral is borrowing many words from Shekhani, it is also called Kamviri and is now very close.[10] Shekhani is known as "Sheikhwar" in Khowar while Kamviri is known as "Shekhaniwar".[11] Some sources site Shekhani as a term used for the Nuristani dialects and languages, but some just use it for the Eastern Kata-vari dialect.

Alphabet change

Abdurrahman L. Rundi along with FLI created a alphabet and writing system in Nastaliq since 26 June, 2022.[12]

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