Slavko Goldstein

Croatian writer and publisher

Slavko Goldstein (22 August 1928 – 13 September 2017) was a Croatian Jewish writer, Holocaust survivor,[1] publisher, and politician.[2] He was born in Sarajevo, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He was a member of the Croatian Social Liberal Party and served as the party's president from 1989 through 1990.

Goldstein in January 2017

Goldstein worked as a journalist, editor and writer in many Croatian newspapers. He wrote screenplays for several Yugoslav World War II movies such as Signal Over the City (Signali nad gradom, 1960) and Operation Stadium (Akcija stadion; 1977, co-written with Dušan Vukotić).[3][4] He edited more than 150 books, and as a publisher, he worked on about 400 titles.[5]

Goldstein died on 13 September 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia of pneumonia at the age of 89.[6]


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