South Vietnam

former puppet government in Southeast Asia

South Vietnam, officially the Republic of Vietnam was a country that existed from 1955 to 1975. It occupied in the southern of what is now Southern Vietnam. The country was south of the local Demilitarized Zone.

Republic of Vietnam
Việt Nam Cộng Hòa  (Vietnamese)
République du Viêt Nam  (French)
Flag of South Vietnam
Coat of arms (1967–1975) of South Vietnam
Coat of arms
Motto: "Tổ Quốc – Danh Dự – Trách Nhiệm"
(English: "Fatherland – Honor – Duty")
Anthem: Tiếng Gọi Công Dân
(English: "Call to the Citizens")
South Vietnam (red) in 1972.
South Vietnam (red) in 1972.
and largest city
Official languagesVietnamese
Spoken languagesCantonese, Khmer, French, English
Demonym(s)South Vietnamese
• 1955–1963 (first)
Ngô Đình Diệm
• 1967–1975
Nguyễn Văn Thiệu
• 1975
Trần Văn Hương
• 1975 (last)
Dương Văn Minh
Prime Minister 
• 1963–1964 (first)
Nguyễn Ngọc Thơ
• 1975 (last)
Vũ Văn Mẫu
Historical era
26 October 1955
1 November 1955
• 1963 coup
2 November 1963
• Second Republic established
1 April 1967
27 January 1973
30 April 1975
• Total
173,809 km2 (67,108 sq mi)
• 1955
c. 12 million
• 1968
• 1974
19,582,000 [a][1]
• Density
93.55[b]/km2 (242.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Saigon Standard Time (SST))
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Succeeded by
State of Vietnam
Republic of South Vietnam (1975–1976)
Today part of Vietnam

History change

South Vietnam established on 26 October, 1955 after the 1955 Referendum. It was first ruled by Ngo Dinh Diem until 1963. After the 1963 coup, South Vietnam was run by a military government. It lasted until 1967. From 1967, On 1 April, 1967, the Second Republic was established. This Second Republic lasted until the Fall of Saigon when the president Duong Van Minh surrendered to Viet Cong. South Vietnam ceased to exist on 30 April, 1975. This day is also known as Black April to Vietnamese anti-communists.

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  1. This shows how many people who lived in a land from Quang Tri Province to the South in 1974. The fact is, South Vietnam only controlled parts of that population. The remaining was under control of Republic of South Vietnam.
  2. According to 1968 data