Sint Maarten

country on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
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Sint Maarten (or Saint Martin) is a country that is part of the Netherlands. It is on the southern half of the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean.[6]

Sint Maarten
"Semper progrediens" (Latin)
(English: "Always progressing")
Anthem: "O Sweet Saint Martin's Land"
Location of Sint Maarten
Location of Sint Maarten (circled in red)
Sint Maarten is located on the southern half of the island of Saint Martin.
Sint Maarten is located on the southern half of
the island of Saint Martin.
Sovereign state Kingdom of the Netherlands
Before separationNetherlands Antilles
Country status10 October 2010
18°02′N 63°03′W / 18.033°N 63.050°W / 18.033; -63.050
Largest cityLower Prince's Quarter
Official languages
Demonym(s)St. Maartener
GovernmentParliamentary representative democracy within a constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Governor
Ajamu Baly
Luc Mercelina
LegislatureEstates of Sint Maarten
• Total
34[2] km2 (13 sq mi)
Highest elevation
383 m (1,257 ft)
• 2023 estimate
42,938[3] (187th)
• Density
1,221/km2 (3,162.4/sq mi) (10th)
GDP (PPP)2018 estimate
• Total
$1.436 billion[4]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
US$1.185 billion[5]
CurrencyNetherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)
Time zoneUTC-4:00 (AST)
Mains electricity120 V–60 Hz
Driving sideright
Calling code+1-721
ISO 3166 code

The Island area of St. Martin (Dutch: Eilandgebied Sint Maarten) was part of the Netherlands Antilles, until the Antilles was dissolved in October 2010, when Sint Maarten became a "country" ("land") within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.[7] The Government of the Netherlands is responsible for defence, foreign affairs and nationality law. Although part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the territory of Sint Maarten is not part of the European Union; however, its people are citizens of the European Union.[8]



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