St. Xavier High School (Ohio)

Jesuit Catholic high school in Finneytown, Ohio, United States, near Cincinnati

39°12′30″N 84°30′14″W / 39.20833°N 84.50389°W / 39.20833; -84.50389

The main entrance of St. Xavier.

Saint Xavier High School (pronounced /ˈzeɪvjər/ ZAYV-yer), or simply St. X, is a private, all-boys high school near Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The school is one of four all-boys Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, but it is run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) instead of the archdiocese. St. Xavier has 1,535 students, making it the largest private high school in Ohio[1] and one of the 100 largest high schools in that state.[2]

St. Xavier is the oldest high school in the Cincinnati area[3] and one of the oldest in the nation, even older than many universities. It started as the Athenaeum, which opened in 1831 in downtown Cincinnati. From 1869 to 1934, the high school was part of St. Xavier College, which is now called Xavier University. In 1960, the high school moved to its current location on a 110-acre (0.4 km2) campus.[4]

The "Bombers" football team and "Aquabombers" swimming and diving team are ranked nationally and often compete at state championships. The graduates of St. Xavier include many professional athletes, three Olympians, state and national politicians, and well-known authors and actors.

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Keating Natatorium is where the St. Xavier "Aquabombers" and Cincinnati Marlins swimming teams practice.




St. Xavier gave an honorary degree to Nick Clooney, a television news reporter, game show host, and politician who would have graduated in 1952.[15]

In 1985, Urban Meyer worked as a football coach at St. Xavier. Later, he was the head football coach at the University of Utah, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Florida.[16][17]


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