States of Austria

principal subdivisions of Austria

The Republic of Austria (German: Republik Österreich) is a federal republic that consists of nine states (German: Bundesländer):

States of Austria (in German)

Official flag State
German name Location Population
Area (km²) Density
Flag of Burgenland (state).svg Burgenland Burgenland Burgenland in Austria.svg 291,000 3,962 73 Eisenstadt
Flag of Carinthia (state).svg Carinthia Kärnten Kärnten in Austria.svg 560,000 9,538 59 Klagenfurt
Flag of Lower Austria (state).svg Lower Austria Niederösterreich Niederösterreich in Austria.svg 1,653,000 19,186 86 Sankt Pölten
Flag of Salzburg (state).svg Salzburg(erland) Salzburg Salzburg in Austria.svg 546,000 7,156 76 Salzburg
Flag of Styria (state).svg Styria Steiermark Steiermark in Austria.svg 1,232,000 16,401 75 Graz
Flag of Tirol (state).svg Tyrol Tirol Tirol in Austria.svg 739,000 12,640 58 Innsbruck
Flag of Upper Austria (state).svg Upper Austria Oberösterreich Oberösterreich in Austria.svg 1,454,000 11,980 121 Linz
Flag of Vienna (state).svg Vienna Wien Wien in Austria.svg 1,841,000 415 4,437 Vienna
Flag of Vorarlberg (state).svg Vorarlberg Vorarlberg Vorarlberg in Austria.svg 384,000 2,601 148 Bregenz