Suiko period

The Suiko period was an era of 25 years during the Asuka period of Japanese history.[1] This period overlaps all but 7 years of Empress Suiko's reign (604-628) or it is used as a synonym for her reign (593-628).[2]


The adoption of the sexegenary cycle calendar (Jikkan Jūnishi) was a significant event in the reign of Empress Suiko.[3] This pre-dates the system of Japanese era names (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") which was started in 645.[4]

Events of the Suiko periodEdit

  • 604: In the 12th year of Suiko's reign, Japan organized its earliest Imperial calendar, also known as the "Suiko period".[1]
  • 628: In the 35th year of Suiko, the empress abdicated;[2] and the period ended.

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