island in the Southern Pacific Ocean

Tahiti is an island in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is part of the French Polynesia. Papeete is the capital and largest city. Other major cities are Faaa and Mahina. About 169 674 people live there (2002). The languages that are spoken in Tahiti are French and Tahitian which are both official. In Tahiti (in the Society group) – was claimed by the French in 1768. The Faaa International Airport is the main way of transportation on the island. Air Tahiti Nui is the main plane of the airport which flies to Los Angeles and Paris. Other planes fly to Hawaii, Japan, and other islands in the Pacific Ocean. Air Tahiti flies to other islands in French Polynesia such as Bora Bora.Coconut trees grow along the coast of Tahiti.

LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates17°40′S 149°25′W / 17.667°S 149.417°W / -17.667; -149.417
ArchipelagoSociety Islands
Major islandsTahiti
Area1,044 km2 (403 sq mi)
Highest elevation2,241 m (7352 ft)
Highest pointMont Orohena
Overseas collectivityFrench Polynesia
Largest settlementPapeete (pop. 136,777)
Population189,517[1] (August 2017 census)
Pop. density181/km2 (469/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsTahitians

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