cards used for games or for divination
Le Bateleur, "The Mountebank," the first trump in the Tarot of Marseille.

The Tarot (often Tarot cards) are a set of seventy-eight cards, comprising twenty-two Тrump cards, and four suits of fourteen cards each with four Face cards. In the English speaking world, Tarot cards are mostly used for divination. Tarot cards are also used in many European countries for playing trick taking card games. Cartomancy is to use Tarot cards for divination.

Tarot decks did not precede decks having four suits of the same length. and they were invented not for occult purposes but purely for gaming. In 1781, Court de Gébelin published an essay associating the cards with ancient wisdom, the earliest record of this idea, subsequently debunked by Dummett. As a result, tarot cards have since been used for cartomancy and divination as well as gaming, although nowadays fortune-tellers tend to use specially-developed tarot decks rather than those used for games.


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