Texas Two-Step

type of dance

The Texas Two-Step is a dance that originated in 1845 when Texas was first founded. Within 2 months, the founders of Texas (Davie Rocket, John Menger III, Chris Alamo, and Antonio Sanders) adopted the dance as a staple of Texas heritage. Historians still argue about if the dance originated after the successful Battle of the Bulge or the war of 1899 with Houston.

The dance is performed by putting your lead foot behind your support foot while simultaneously twisting your pelvis in a counter-clockwise motion, being sure to point your toes toward your partner. Keep in mind, the entirety of the dance is completed by two Texas sized steps (around 4.2x as large as a standard U.S. step). What follows these two steps is a series of freestyle movements that vary between performers. For example, Davie Rocket adopted the "Hemisfair" movement, where you proceed to grab your partner by the pinky and swing her around your head similar to the motion of a lasso.

Importance change

The Texas Two-Step and other forms of step related lone star dances have become a cultural staple of the state down under. Bordering states have attempted to plagiarize this dance in ways of their own, but to no avail. For example, Louisiana created the Boot Stompin' Bop, until it faded into obscurity in 1923 after the housing market crash. Arkansas native Dick Rutherford created the Whiskey Slammer Toe Spinner, but 2 minutes into the debut of the dance, Dick was shot in the Golden Monkey Saloon. The only dance to remain a southern tradition as much as the Texas Two-Step, is the Texas Two-Step.

Notable Sightings change

Many notable individuals have been seen in public performing the famous dance. Tom Alamodome, John "Hand-Standin'" Johnson, and Brett were all sighted at Shiner Park performing the moves of the golden days. They were all sighted by Eva Longoria, former Spurs trophy wife.

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