The Ink and Paint Club (TV series)

US television program

The Ink and Paint Club is an hour-long television series on Disney Channel in 1997.

The Ink and Paint Club
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes60
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Walt Disney Productions
DistributorBuena Vista International, Inc.
Original releaseSeptember 22, 1997 (1997-09-22) –
February 5, 1998 (1998-02-05)
Preceded byMickey Mouse and Friends
Followed byMickey Mouse Works

Episodes change

Episode Number Episode title Original Airdate Shorts aired
1 Award Winners September 22, 1997 Flowers and Trees, The Country Cousin, Three Orphan Kittens, The Old Mill, Three Little Pigs, The Tortoise and the Hare
2 Mickey Landmarks September 29, 1997 Steamboat Willie, Mickey's Orphans, The Simple Things, The Karnival Kid, The Pointer, Plane Crazy, The Band Concert
3 Sports Goofy October 6, 1997 Tennis Racquet, The Art of Skiing, How to Play Football, Goofy Gymnastics, How to Play Baseball, How to Swim, Hockey Homicide
4 Disney Firsts October 13, 1997 Mickey's Revue, The Chain Gang, The Wise Little Hen, Don Donald, The Skeleton Dance, Private Pluto, Donald's Nephews
5 Chip 'n Dale October 20, 1997 Out of Scale, Squatter's Rights, Three for Breakfast, Chip an' Dale, Winter Storage, All in a Nutshell, Dragon Around
6 All Figaro, All the Time October 27, 1997 Figaro and Cleo, First Aiders, Bath Day, Monstro the Whale (scene from Pinocchio), Figaro and Frankie, Cat Nap Pluto, Pluto's Sweater
7 Storybook Silly Symphonies November 3, 1997 Ugly Duckling, Old King Cole, The Pied Piper, The Night Before Christmas, Three Blind Mouseketeers, The Golden Touch
8 Bugged November 10, 1997 The Greener Yard, Bootle Beetle, Sea Salts, Bee on Guard, Window Cleaners, Slide, Donald, Slide, Bee at the Beach
9 Woodlore and Humphery November 17, 1997 Hold That Pose, Hooked Bear, Grin and Bear It, Beezy Bear, Grand Canyonscope, Bearly Asleep, In the Bag
10 Mickey, Donald & Goofy:

Friends to the End

November 24, 1997 The Whalers, Mickey's Service Station, Mickey and the Beanstalk (edited from Fun and Fancy Free), Hawaiian Holiday, Orphans' Benefit
11 Many Lives of Pegleg Pete December 1, 1997 The Cactus Kid, The Klondike Kid, Timber, The Riveter, Bellboy Donald, Canvas Back Duck, Trombone Trouble
12 Many Loves of Pluto December 8, 1997 Puppy Love, Pluto's Quin-Puplets, The Sleep Walker, Canine Casanova, In Dutch, Pluto's Blue Note, Wonder Dog
13 Silly Symphonies Get Wet December 10, 1997 King Neptune, Arctic Antics, Playful Pan, Water Babies, Frolicking Fish, Father Noah's Ark, Merbabies
14 Early Donald December 11, 1997 The Wise Little Hen (second edition of this short in the series), Self Control, Orphans' Picnic, Donald's Better Self, On Ice, Mickey's Polo Team
15 Jiminy Cricket is No Fool December 12, 1997 I'm No Fool as a Pedestrian, I'm No Fool With a Bicycle, You and Your Five Senses, You and Your Senses of Smell and Taste, You the Human Animal, I'm No Fool in Water
16 Escapees From the Ark December 13, 1997 The Big Wash, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, R'coon Dawg, Pigs is Pigs, The Legend of Coyote Rock, Mickey's Kangaroo
17 Pluto's Rival Butch December 14, 1997 Bone Trouble, T-Bone for Two, Pluto's Kid Brother, Pluto's Housewarming, Pluto's Heart Throb, Wonder Dog (second edition of this short in the series), Pluto's Purchase
18 A Bunch of Silly Symphonies December 16, 1997 Funny Little Bunnies, Midnight in a Toy Shop, Broken Toys, Peculiar Penguins, El Terrible Toreador, The Clock Store, The Cookie Carnival
19 The Big Bad Wolves December 17, 1997 Three Little Pigs (second edition of this short in the series), The Big Bad Wolf, Primitive Pluto (second edition of this short in the series), Three Little Wolves, The Practical Pig
20 Heuy, Dewey, and Louie December 18, 1997 Donald's Nephews, Good Scouts, Donald's Golf Game, Sea Scouts, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Fire Chief
21 Goin' to the Birds December 19, 1997 The Wayward Canary, Pluto's Fledgling, The Pelican and the Snipe, Lighthouse Keeping, Donald's Cousin Gus, Mickey's Parrot, Wet Paint
22 Classic Mickey December 20, 1997 Lonesome Ghosts, Clock Cleaners (second edition of this short in the series), Brave Little Tailor, The Mad Doctor, Alpine Climbers, The Nifty Nineties
23 The "Other" Mice December 21, 1997 Mickey's Rival, The Country Cousin (second edition of this short in the series), The Flying Mouse, Three Blind Mouseketeers, Mickey's Nightmare, Mickey's Steam Roller
24 Symphonic Silly Symphonies December 22, 1997 Barnyard Symphony, The China Shop, The Merry Dwarfs, The China Plate, El Terrible Toreador (second edition of this short in the series), Monkey Melodies, Music Land
25 Goofy Goofs Around December 23, 1997 Goofy and Wilbur, Mickey's Revue, Polar Trappers, Foul Hunting, Home Made Home, A Knight for a Day, Baggage Buster
26 Classic Donald December 24, 1997 Moving Day, Donald and Pluto, Moose Hunters, Donald's Lucky Day, The Autograph Hound, Modern Inventions
27 Meow! The Disney Cats December 25, 1997 Pluto's Kid Brother, Three Orphan Kittens, Mickey's Pal Pluto, Pluto's Judgement Day, Puss Café, Cold Turkey, Plutopia
28 Early Mickey December 26, 1997 The Gallopin' Gaucho, The Fire Fighters, The Gorilla Mystery, Mickey's Choo-Choo, Mickey Plays Papa, Pioneer Days, Mickey Cuts Out
29 Goin' Outside with the Silly Symphonies December 28, 1997 The Old Mill (second edition of this short in the series), Springtime, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Flowers and Trees (second edition of this short in the series), Night
30 50's Donald December 30, 1997 Dude Duck, Rugged Bear, How to Have an Accident in the Home, Uncle Donald's Ants, Spare the Rod (cut), The Flying Squirrel, No Hunting, How to Have an Accident at Work
31 The Unseen Disney December 31, 1997 How to be a Sailor, The Old Army Game, Home Defense, Donald Gets Drafted, Sky Trooper, The Vanishing Private, Dog Watch
32 Goin' to the Dogs January 2, 1998 Pueblo Pluto, The Purlioned Pup, The Dognapper, More Kittens, Just Dogs, Man's Best Friend, The New Neighbor
33 In the Nursery with the Silly Symphonies January 4, 1998 Lullaby Lane, Wynken Blyken & Nod, Mother Pluto, The Robber Kitten, The Three Little Wolves (second edition of this short in the series), A Cowboy Needs a Horse
34 Donald's Nephews January 6, 1998 Don's Fountain of Youth, The Hockey Champ, Donald's Snow Fight, Trick or Treat, Donald Duck and the Gorilla, Donald's Off Day, Donald's Crime
35 More Sports Goofy January 7, 1998 The Olympic Champ, How to Play Golf, Goofy's Glider, How to Dance, Double Dribbler, The Art of Self Defense, For Whom the Bulls Toil
36 Award Winners II January 8, 1998 It's Tough to Be a Bird, Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, The Ugly Duckling (color), Ferdinand the Bull
37 Mickey's Pal Pluto January 9, 1998 Pluto Junior, Donald's Dog Laundry, Playful Pluto, The Picnic, The Moose Hunt (second edition of this short in the series), Pluto's Party, Society Dog Show
38 Infested Silly Symphonies January 10, 1998 Bugs in Love, The Spider and the Fly, The Bears and the Bees, Egyptian Melodies, The Grasshopper and the Ants, Woodland Café, Moth and the Flame
39 Minnie Mouse January 11, 1998 The Pet Store, Boat Builders, Ye Olden Days, The Nifty Nineties (second edition of this short in the series), The Beach Party, Mickey's Rival (second edition of this short in the series), Mickey's Birthday Party
40 Crazy Over Daisy January 12, 1998 Crazy Over Daisy, Mr. Duck Steps Out (second edition of this short in the series), Good Time for a Dime, Cured Duck, Donald's Double Trouble, Donald's Dream Voice, Donald's Dilemma
41 Jiminy Cricket: You and Yours January 13, 1998 You and Your Sense of Touch, You and Your Food, I'm No Fool with Electricity, I'm No Fool with Fire, You and Your Ears, I'm No Fool Having Fun
42 Goin' to the Zoo January 14, 1998 Goliath II, Working for Peanuts, Rescue Dog, Social Lion, Pluto at the Zoo, Daddy Donald
43 On Vacation January 15, 1998 Two Weeks Vacation, Donald's Vacation, Mickey's Trailer, Lake Titicaca (segment of Saludos Amigos), Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip, Hello Aloha (second edition of this short in the series)
44 Musical Mickey January 16, 1998 Blue Rhythm, The Barnyard Concert, The Jazz Fool, Fiddling Around, The Delivery Boy, Symphony Hour, Musical Farmer
45 More Donald January 18, 1998 Trailer Horn, Chef Donald, The Trial of Donald Duck, Drip Dippy Donald, The Plastics Inventor, The Village Smithy, Duck Pimples
46 Disney Dreams January 19, 1998 Mickey's Nightmare (second edition of this short in the series), The Cat's Out, Lullaby Land, Pluto's Dream House, Sleepy Time Donald, Donald's Diary, Plutopia
47 The Goofy Clan January 20, 1998 Get Rich Quick, Fathers Are People, Father's Lion, Father's Day Off, Father's Weekend, Aquamania, Cold War
48 The Return of Chip N'Dale January 21, 1998 Donald Applecore, Two Chips and a Miss, Food for Feudin', Out on a Limb, Chicken in the Rough, Corn Chips, Test Pilot Donald
49 More Storybook Silly Symphonies January 22, 1998 Toby Tortoise Returns, The Ugly Duckling (color; second edition of this short in the series), The Tortoise and the Hare (second edition of this short in the series), Mother Goose Melodies, The Big Bad Wolf (second edition of this short in the series), Little Hiawatha
50 Storyteller Mickey January 23, 1998 Gulliver Mickey, The Castaway, Pluto's Dream House (second edition of this short in the series), Thru the Mirror, Giantland, The Golden Touch (second edition of this short in the series)
51 Triple Trouble January 24, 1998 Straight Shooters, Soup's On, Donald's Happy Birthday, Lion Around, Lucky Number, Home Defense, Truant Officer Donald
52 Rah! Rah! Disney Goes Athletic January 27, 1998 Touchdown Mickey, Canine Caddy, They're Off, Barnyard Olympics, Football (Now and Then), Casey at the Bat (Segment of Make Mine Music), Casey Bats Again
53 Silly Symphonies at the Zoo January 28, 1998 The Busy Beavers, The Practical Pig (second edition of this short in the series), The Country Cousin (second edition of this short in the series), The Fox Hunt, Elmer Elephant, The Flying Mouse
54 More Goin' to the Birds January 30, 1998 The Flying Jalopy, Donald's Penguin, Cold Storage, Mickey Down Under, Contrary Condor, Donald's Ostrich, Mickey's Amateurs
55 Oooh! Scary! January 31, 1998 The Worm Turns, The Haunted House, Lonesome Ghosts (second edition of this short in the series), The Skeleton Dance (second edition of this short in the series), The Mad Doctor (second edition of this short in the series), Night (second edition of this short in the series), Babes in the Woods,
56 Wartime Disney February 1, 1998 Donald's Tire Trouble, The Pelican and the Snipe, All Together, Fall Out Fall In, Victory Vehicles, The Army Mascot, Chicken Little
57 From Zero to Hero February 2, 1998 Johnny Appleseed (segment of Melody Time), The Brave Engineer, Morris the Midget Moose, Paul Bunyan
58 Silly Symphonies Go to the Birds February 3, 1998 Who Killed Cock Robin?, Cock o' the Walk, The Cat's Out (second edition of this short in the series), Mother Goose Goes Hollywood, The Bird Store, Birds in the Spring, Birds of a Feather
59 Clarabelle and Horace February 4, 1998 Mickey's Fire Brigade, The Plowboy, Mickey's Birthday Party (second edition of this short in the series), Camping Out, Pluto's Christmas Tree, Mickey's Grand Opera, Mickey's Gala Premiere
60 The Mickey Boogie February 5, 1998 The Barn Dance, Mickey's Follies, Jungle Rhythm, The Shindig, Mickey Steps Out, The Whoopee Party, Mickey Mouse Disco

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