Tour de France

multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in France

The Tour de France (English: Tour of France) is a well known bicycle race. It began in 1903. It is held in France, every summer. In recent years it has ended with a race through the centre of Paris, past the Eiffel Tower. It is among the most famous, and has some of the highest prizes, of bike races in Europe. Recently, it was in the media, because some athletes were doping. The race goes around France, but can have some parts in other countries, including England, Belgium, or Spain as they race in the Pyrenees mountains.

Tour de France official logo

The tour lasts about three weeks. At the end of each day's race the leader is given a yellow shirt, the best sprinter is given a green shirt, and the best rider in the mountain races is given a polka dot jersey. He is sometimes called the King of the Mountains. The best young rider, who must be under 26, gets a white jersey. The winner is the one who finishes the race to Paris in the fastest time. There is a lot of prize money for the teams of the winners of the Tour, but the winner of each day's race also gets prize money.

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