Tupolev Tu-22

1959 bomber aircraft family by Tupolev

The Tupolev Tu-22 is a former Soviet bomber of the Cold War. It is a twin-turbojets built entirely of metal with a swept-wing. It can carry about 6,000 kg of bombs in internal bay. It was used only by the USSR, Libya, and Iraq.[1] The bomber could carry 3 crew members. NATO called the Tu 22 as Blinder. Tupolev Tu-22M is a modernized variant.

Tupolev Tu-22
Engels Air base museum 03.jpg
Tu-22 at Engels air base in Russia.
Role Bomber
National origin USSR
Manufacturer Tupolev.
First flight 1959
Introduction 1962
Status Retired
Primary user Soviet Air Force.
Number built 313

Operational usesEdit

Soviets forces used some Tu-22 as high-speed reconnaissance planes.[2]

Iraq[3] used there bombers in Iran-Iraq War.

Libyan air force used the Tupolev Tu-22 in September 1987[4] for bombing N'Djamena and the French infantry. The bomber was shoot down by a MIM-23 Hawk's missile of the Armée de l'Air.


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