Uíge Province

province of Angola

Uíge (pronounced: "Weej"), [1] is one of the eighteen provinces of Angola.[2] It is in the northwestern part of the country.[3] The capital city is Uíge. There are 500,000 people. The Beu Forest Reserve is in the province.

Caxito-Uíge Road
Caxito-Uíge Road
Map of Angola with the Uige province highlighted
Map of Angola with the Uige province highlighted
Coordinates: 7°37′S 15°03′E / 7.617°S 15.050°E / -7.617; 15.050Coordinates: 7°37′S 15°03′E / 7.617°S 15.050°E / -7.617; 15.050
Alvor AgreementJanuary 15, 1975
 • Land22,663 km2 (8,750 sq mi)
 • Total800,000

The province was badly damaged during the long civil war. Many buildings were destroyed. Many people had to move.

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