A planetree leaf is a Wikipedia user from Beijing, the PRC.

This user's personal opinionsEdit

As a human being it is natural for me to have certain opinions regarding certain topics. I have to admit that I might get involved in one-sided editing regarding certain topics so it might be better if I list some of them here. Please leave a message at my talk page if I added something really biased to an article or wrongly removed something.

According to a test I took at the website of the Political Compass, I am a leftist and a libertarian.

On the AmericasEdit

I support the Cuban government and I am strongly against the embargo imposed on Cuba by the imperialist US government. The US should terminate the embargo considering the fact that a embargo, regardless of its scale, cannot force Cuba to capitulate , meanwhile the embargo really proved to be detrimental for the lives of ordinary Cuban citizens.

Hugo Chavez was perhaps the second liberator of Venezuela, under his leadership, Venezuela truly achieved its independence from the US. Recently someone called Juan Guaido actually proclaimed himself as the president of Venezuela. That is an absolutely ridiculous attempt aimed at overthrowing the democratically elected Maduro (the opposition decided to boycott the previous election). The current "crisis in Venezuela" is a de facto coup orchestrated carefully and disguised as a "humanitarian disaster" by the US. However the incumbent president of Venezuela is indeed partly responsible for parts of the crisis as he didn't handle things very well.

Evo Morales greatly improved the economy and living standards of Bolivia, and played a crucial role in winning the "gas war" .I respect and admire him for what he has done for the Bolivian people, especially the indigenous people of Bolivia.

I see the current government of Nicaragua as the legitimate government of the people of Nicaragua and oppose foreign intervention led by the US.

All in all, this user strongly supports the "pink tide" in Latin America and the Latin American people's fight for freedom and democracy throughout the region. Moreover, this user is staunchly anti-imperialist and opposes the US meddling in the internal affairs of other nations.

Although I have my personal opinions, I am not hostile toward people with different opinions.

I as a WikipedianEdit

As you can see, English isn't my mother tongue and that I'm quite weak in English. Of course I should contribute to the Chinese Wikipedia but I can't (you know the reason). As a result, I'm not going to be a very bold user because I don't want to make a fool of myself (which I already did) too often. However, I read Wikipedia almost every day.

During my editing process, I will try to stay as neutral as possible and follow the guidance of the NPOV policy.

In real lifeEdit

I am a junior high school student currently in grade 9, so I'm usually quite busy since I need to prepare myself for the "zhongkao(中考)", a important test for Chinese students held in June every year. This means that I won't be able to edit this Wikipedia very often in the next 3 months.