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I was once an administrator here on the Simple English Wikipedia. Here I mainly focus on article creation and anti-vandalism work. As well as small edits to a whole variety of articles, but mainly things I spot while browsing. I add my thoughts to Simple Talk and admin noticeboards, and change articles to make their meaning clearer. I have one very good article - Bloc Party.

If you're at my talk page to tell me I've done something wrong, go right ahead. As long as you keep it civil I'll be happy to right any possible wrongs. In the case the wrong is considered a lot more concerning feel free to notify others on the appropriate noticeboard, but please tell me first.

Caveat - I do apologise for my extreme laziness as well as my business on other Wikipedias - I am not deliberately ignoring Simple, merely forgetting to check about here often. I am likely to be better reached via my English Wikipedia userpage, although messages here will likely result in my receiving of an email and thus a response. :)

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