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I edited on Wikitravel off-and-on for several years. After a few anonymous edits here, I decided to make an account and contribute more actively. I did that for several years, then took an extended break. I teach English at a university in Japan, and found it was quite easy to create a Simple English Wikipedia page if I am already grading/adapting English Wikipedia content for use with students.

Alternate account


I used an alternate account User:ELTted for editing with students and presenting SEWP to language teachers. I never voted or commented from that other account. It was strictly for editing articles that my students or workshop participants were working on.

Useful tools


Common complexity that is not needed and suggestions


A few simple changes here and there can help. The verb to be is often the simplest way to write something

  • Former: use retired, was, or used to be
  • It is found in/It lies in/is located in: use It is in.
  • the northwestern part of France: use in northwest France
  • It has a population of 1,200: use The population is 1,200.
  • ...a large number...: use many
  • ...situated...
    • ...situated in...: use in
    • ...situated by...: use by
    • ...situated near...: use near
  • ...the process by which...ː use how
  • For politicians and government or military officers, "served as": use was