Nicholas Fraker is a college student learning about Computer Science & Engineering Technology as well as Japanese Culture Studies at the University of Toledo, in Toledo, Ohio. For the past eleven years, he has worked in Information Technology, which means he works with computers, doing things like fixing computers, making computers, installing programs for people, and many other things.

Nicholas was born in June of 1985 in Toledo, Ohio, and attended the Hebrew Academy of Toledo, a private primary school for Kindergarten as well as the first, second, third, and sixth grade. He was home schooled for fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade. When he was 14, he started working for the University of Toledo to learn more about having a job in Information Technology, and later started going to college classes as part of his homeschooling. He also helped the university's Foreign Language teachers make new books to teach Japanese to Seniors with.

He became a college student in the Fall of 2003 at the University of Toledo, and started working for their Information Technology group then as well. Currently, he takes care of about 500 computers that are used by people to make sure the students of the university take the classes they're supposed to, pay their bills, and are able to graduate.

Nicholas is also a member of a fraternity called Triangle, which has many locations all across the USA. He became a member of Triangle Fraternity in the Spring of 2006, and since then he has done different things, such as be in charge of doing the paperwork and writing down what everyone says during meetings, teach other members what it means to be in Triangle Fraternity, and make sure the website and other computer-based things work right. He has also worked as a teacher for all the locations at once, showing other members of Triangle Fraternity how to run their locations better, and how to do well in school.

He is interested in things like Computers, Computer and video games, Anime, Cooking, Electronics, Music, History, Physics, and Cultural studies.

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