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About me

Hi! My name is Andrea James.

I am a writer and activist. I live in Los Angeles.

I write on the English Wikipedia often. I like to write about movies, books, science (often bad science), humor, and many other things. I like to make new articles, often articles about people.

My job is to make movies and television shows. I made the movie "Casting Pearls." I helped make the television show Transamerican Love Story. I was on that show, too. When Felicity Huffman was in the movie Transamerica, I helped her. I was in that movie, too. I was also in Middle Sexes and Beautiful Daughters. In 2009 I made the movie "Transproofed."

I also own some websites. They help people learn what to buy and set goals. I help with the website Quackwatch. It tells about bad doctors and cures that do not work.

I am also proud to be a transsexual woman. People like me live all over the world. We work in all kinds of jobs. Many of us are very good at music, science, art, and acting. I hope you will learn more about us!

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