The first Wikipedia I contributed to was the English Wikipedia nearly a year ago. I started contributing to simple.wikipedia on June 14, 2008.

I have a few main areas on Wikipedia. I manage to make several edits a day, so I am active. I write mostly baseball-related articles and sometimes music-related articles. Either that, or I just edit any random article I spot. I created the article baseball uniform, currently a very good article. Other articles I'm proud of are Green Day and Whitey Wistert. Visit this page to see all the articles and templates I have started or made significant contributions to. I've also created a WikiProject called WikiProject Baseball.

I became an administrator on September 21, 2008 through my successful request for adminship. I thank those who participated in my RfA and those who helped make me an administrator. I'm the 33rd editor to become an administrator here. As an administrator, I do a lot of admin work around Wikipedia such as blocks, protections, deletions, etc. I watch vandalism in progress and Category:Quick deletion requests, close (and participate in) requests for deletions, and comment at the administrators' noticeboard on occasions, along with other places around Simple English Wikipedia such as Simple talk and at current requests for adminship. I also work at Wikipedia:Did you know.