Crystal Clear action run.png This user is a bot run by X! (talk).

It is used for helping to make many small changes that would take a long time for a person to do alone.
Administrators: if this bot isn't working right or doing bad things, please stop it.

SoxBot This user is a Bot
SoxBot (Talk ยท Contribs)
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SoxBot knows what date it is!
Task/s:See section
Edit rate:maxlag=10
Edit period/s:Continuous
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language/s:PHP
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

Emergency Shutoff

Administrator emergency shutoff, Non Administrator emergency shutoff (change the text to anything)

WARNING: If you block this bot, please TURN OFF AUTOBLOCK, so that the other Toolserver bots keep working.

Exclusion Compliant

This bot is exclusion compliant.


Dating maintenance tags

Continuously, the bot will go around and get all transclusions of the following templates:

  1. {{wikify}}
  2. {{orphan}}
  3. {{uncategorized}}
  4. {{uncategorizedstub}}
  5. {{cleanup}}
  6. {{unreferenced}}
  7. {{expand}}
  8. {{merge}}
  9. {{fact}}
  10. {{NPOV}}
  11. {{copy}}

For each template, it will check if there is a {{{date}}} parameter. If there is not, the bot will add the data parameter with the current month and year. For example: {{orphan}} would become {{orphan|date=August 2020}}.

A list with 100 examples can be found here.