Virtual League Baseball

1995 video game

Virtual League Baseball[a] is a 1995 baseball video game. It was developed and published by Kemco for the Virtual Boy. A sequel called Virtual League Baseball 2 was planned, but it was canceled because the Virtual Boy did not sell very well.

Virtual League Baseball
Platform(s)Virtual Boy
  • JP: August 11, 1995
  • NA: September 11, 1995

Gameplay change

There are three game modes in Virtual League Baseball. They are player 1 vs. computer, all-star game, and pennant race. In player 1 vs. computer, one game is played between the player and the computer. In the all-star game, the player plays against the computer using a team of all-stars from America, Asia, or Europe. In the pennant race, the player plays a series of games against the computer. The game uses passwords to continue a game after turning off the console.

It is a single-player game. Players can use passwords to skip levels of the game. The game's teams are international.[1]

Development change

Virtual League Baseball was developed by Kemco. It was released in October 1995 for the Virtual Boy.[1]

A playable version of the game was displayed at Electronic Entertainment Expo 1995. This version of the game was so broken that it was impossible for the player to hit the ball.[2]

Like all other Virtual Boy games, Virtual League Baseball uses a red-and-black color scheme and stereoscopy. Stereoscopy is an optical trick that is used to make the game look like it is 3D.[3]

A sequel, Virtual League Baseball 2, was in development. It was given an ESRB rating but it was never released.[4][5]

Reception change

Nintendo Power liked the game's graphics, but wrote that it was hard to defend near the fence. One of the magazine's six reviewers recommended the game.[1] GamePro gave a short review where they said that the game was bad. They said the the game had bad controls and did not sound good.[6] Scott Alan Marriott of AllGame said that the game was like Major League Baseball for the Nintendo Entertainment System. He did not like these similarities.[7]

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Notes change

  1. Known in Japan as Virtual Pro Yakyuu '95 (Japanese: バーチャルプロ野球'95, Hepburn: Bācharu Puro Yakyū '95)

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