federal region of Belgium

Wallonia (French: Wallonie, Walloon: Waloneye or Walonreye) or the Walloon Region (French: Région wallonne) is a French-speaking region in the south of Belgium. Its official languages are French (98%) and German (2%). Many people understand the local language Walloon, some still speak it, and few people write it. German is spoken mainly in the area of the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

The flag of Wallonia
The coat of arms of Wallonia
Wallonia (red) and the rest of Belgium (gray)

The capital of the region is Namur. Other important cities are: Liège, Charleroi, Mons, Tournai and Verviers.

French speaking Walloons share the French community with French speaking people of Brussels.

Current Minister-President of the Walloon Government is Willy Borsus.

Wallonia is one of three regions in Belgium. The other two regions are Flanders (or Flemish Region) and Brussels-Capital Region.