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Water polo

ballgame-team sport played in water by teams competing to put the ball into the opponent's goal


Water polo is a team game. Two teams play a match. Each match has four periods called quarters. The length of each period is usually between 5 and 8 minutes. Because the amount of time spent on fouls or out throws is not counted in the quarter time, an average quarter really lasts around 12 minutes.

Each team has six field players and one goalkeeper. Water polo players need to be good at swimming and ball handing. They need good reflexes and awareness.

Players must keep floating in a game. Players may not stand on the bottom of the pool.

Water polo is played in a pool : depth is above 2 m, a vertical line is 30 m and width is 20 m.


  • Goal Keeper (2)
  • Floater (1)
  • Floater Back (1)
  • Driver (4)


To play water polo, you need swimwear, caps, mouth guards, a ball and a goal. The caps' design is unique. They are designed to protect head and ears.


  • Putting an offensive player who doesn't have a ball under the water; a defensive player who does this should go outside of the field for 20 seconds
  • Sinking a ball
  • Grasping a carrier's swimwear
  • Touching a ball with both hands
  • Putting both hands up to defend from shoot


The origin of water polo began as the "Water Rugby" in 19th in England. In those days, this sport was more violent than now. In 1900, water polo appeared on the Olympic as the first team sport. Now it is spread to almost all of the world, and popular especially in Europe.

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