Wikipedia:Global rights policy

The following is the guideline of how users who are members of global groups should use those groups on the Simple English Wikipedia.

Global rollback

Users with global rollback may use it here provided they abide by our rules.[1] If a global rollbacker is asked to stop using rollback on this project by an administrator, they must stop. Global rollbackers should not use any of their global rollback permissions, such as suppressredirect, unless it is to directly address vandalism.


Stewards that also have local rights that duplicate their steward rights may use those rights here. Any steward who does not hold a local right may not use their steward rights unless it is for outright vandalism or heavy attack both of which have not been, or can not be, dealt quickly by the local community. Local community members who are also stewards must not use their steward rights locally, unless allowed for by policy. Office actions may be carried out by which ever steward is asked, although local stewards should be the last choice.

Staff & Sysadmin

Employees or other agents of the Wikimedia Foundation may use their staff and/or sysadmin rights to perform whatever action they require for the execution of their duties.

Global sysop

The Simple English Wikipedia has opted out of global sysops.


The ombuds commission can use their global rights on this project solely as they themselves deem fit. They are WMF appointed without input from the community.