With Chronos’ Permit

book by Russian writer Andrei Gusev

With Chronos’ Permit (Russian: С мандатом Хроноса) is a novel by Russian writer Andrei Gusev, published in 1995.

With Chronos’ Permit
AuthorAndrei Gusev
Original titleС мандатом Хроноса
Genrethriller, fantasy
Publisher“ГКС России” (Russia)
Publication date
January 1995; 29 years ago (1995-01)
Pages192 pp
Preceded byMister Novelist 
Followed byThe World According to Novikoff (novel) 

Perestroika started in 1986. That was a period of restructuring in the Soviet Union. Hundreds of scientific workers are no longer needed. The main character of the novel is Ivan Zhuravlev and he is one of such unclaimed experts. He is looking for a new application. From the prestigious physics Zhuravlev goes in for journalism. Later, he uses journalistic contacts and comes in connection with an entrepreneur Boris Iossifovich Sytin. Zhuravlev calls him Ossi. Ossi is a chief of the “Chronos” company. Ossi convinces Zhuravlev to involve in the deal to resell to the West of rare metal osmium. This affair ends tragically for Ivan Zhuravlev – he dies because of the intentional air crash.[1]

Love to the girl was the best in the short life of Ivan Zhuravlev. Her name is Nastia. In their relationship something is from the famous movies by Claude Lelouch, who always glorifies man and woman created for each other.[2][3]



This novel is a mix of a thriller and crime story. Some parts of the novel have a mystical component.[3]


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