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Wikiquote is a sister (related) project of Wikipedia. It is one of many projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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Wikiquote was based on an idea by Daniel Alston and made by Brion Vibber. The goal of the project is to produce a large reference of quotations from famous people, books, and proverbs, and to give details about them.

Languages change

The project was first created in English. However, in July 2004, more languages were added. Some of there are:

As of May 2016, 31 versions each have more than 1,000 articles.[1] The largest Wikiquote is the English project with over 26,500 content pages,[2] followed by the Italian and Polish versions, both with over 22,000 content pages.[3][4] In total, 60 languages have over 100 content pages.

In February 2010, the Simple English Wikiquote was locked and closed. It can still be read, however.

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