X2 (movie)

2003 American superhero film

X2 (known as X-Men 2: X-Men United in advertising) is a 2003 superhero movie. It was directed by Bryan Singer. It is a sequel to X-Men (2000) movie and was followed by X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).


The movie opens with a mutant named Nightcrawler. He is at the White House and attempts to kill the president. At the last moment, a security guard shoots Nightcrawler, forcing him to run away. Meanwhile, Wolverine reaches a location called Alkali Lake, and does not find anything. He returns to Charles Xavier's school for gifted students.

William Stryker, who hates mutants, uses this attack. He talks to the President, who then allows him to raid Charles Xavier's school for gifted mutants. Before he does this, he visits Magneto. Magneto was the bad guy in the first movie and now is in jail. Stryker uses a fluid to make him talk about the school.

Xavier attempts to find Nightcrawler. He uses a machine called Cerebo, which makes his power stronger and allows him to connect to every person's mind. He gives Jean Grey and Storm the last location where he could see Nightcrawler. They leave in the Blackbird. Then, he and Cyclops go to the prison to pay a visit to Magneto.

Stryker raids the mansion. A mutant named Siryn, whose power is a very loud scream, alerts everyone. A series of passageways and escape tunnels allow all but six of the mutants to escape. Wolverine, who has returned, takes Rogue, Iceman, and Pyro with him into a car. They drive to Boston. Meanwhile, Storm and Jean have located Nightcrawler and have him on their ship. Stryker also takes Cerebro with them. At the prison, Stryker has captured Xavier and Cyclops.

At Alkali Lake, Stryker reveals his plan. He has rebuilt Cerebro. He uses his son Jason, a mutant, to create a fantasy world for Xavier. In Xavier's mind, he sees a little girl who thinks that everyone is gone. Xavier goes to his Cerebro, locates everyone, and then starts to focus, which will kill all mutants.

In Boston, Wolverine and his friends go to Iceman's house, where Iceman reveals that he is a mutant. Iceman's brother does not like this and calls the cops. One cop shoots Wolverine in the head. Pyro uses his power – he can control fire – and pushes the police away. Wolverine, whose power is to heal very fast, wakes up. Jean and Storm come in and pick them up.

Mystique has found out where Magneto was staying. She seduces the security guard and injects him with iron. When the security guard comes in, Magneto senses the iron. Magneto can control all metal. Magneto rips it out of the guard and escapes.

The United States Air Force sends two jets to intercept the Blackbird, the plane where all the X-Men are on. Storm, whose power is to control the weather, whips up a tornado that sends both pilots down, but one manages to fire two missiles. Jean Grey, whose power is psychic, manages to destroy one, but the other one hits the jet. They start to go down. Magneto is in the area and saves them.

The X-Men and Magneto make some peace and come together to beat Stryker. The dam is built so that Stryker can flood the tunnel if someone comes in. 15 years ago, Wolverine volunteered for an experiment and was given claws and suffered a lot of pain. Stryker is very interested in Wolverine. So Mystique, whose power is to make herself look like other people, pretends to be Wolverine. She gets in and takes over the control room.

Cyclops appears and attacks Magneto, Mystique, and Jean Grey. Jean uses her psychic power to stop Cyclops, but Cyclops' beam power damages the dam very badly. Wolverine leaves to find Stryker. Stryker shows him Lady Deathstrike, who also has an adamantium skeleton and claws on the tips of her fingers. They fight. Wolverine pumps her full of adamantium and kills her. Storm and Nightcrawler find the six mutants and rescue them.

All mutants suddenly go into pain when Xavier starts focusing. Magneto forces himself into Cerebro and stops it. He then tells Mystique to transform into Stryker and change the rules so that Xavier will kill all the humans instead. The X-Men find out what is happening. Storm and Nightcrawler teleport in there. Storm creates a storm that breaks the spell, and Xavier returns to normal.

All of the X-Men escape the dam. Rogue and Iceman, who were in the Blackbird, land it in front of them. The plane is badly damaged. The dam explodes and a ton of water comes down. At the last second, Jean Grey rushes out of the ship, gets it into the air, and drowns when she can no longer hold back the water. Xavier and his crew go to the White House to inform the President of what has happened. Xavier tells the president that humans and mutants must work together or else they will destroy each other in war.

Release DatesEdit

Country Premiere
  Lithuania 25 April 2003
  Australia 30 April 2003
  Belgium 30 April 2003
  Bahrain 30 April 2003
   Switzerland 30 April 2003
  Spain 30 April 2003
  France 30 April 2003
  Hong Kong 30 April 2003
  Iceland 30 April 2003
  Italy 30 April 2003
  New Zealand 30 April 2003
  Philippines 30 April 2003
  Taiwan 30 April 2003
  Venezuela 30 April 2003
  Austria 1 May 2003
  Bolivia 1 May 2003
  Brazil 1 May 2003
  Chile 1 May 2003
  Colombia 1 May 2003
  Czech Republic 1 May 2003
  Germany 1 May 2003
  Ecuador 1 May 2003
  United Kingdom 1 May 2003
  Hungary 1 May 2003
  Ireland 1 May 2003
  South Korea 1 May 2003
  Mexico 1 May 2003
  Malaysia 1 May 2003
  Netherlands 1 May 2003
  Panama 1 May 2003
  Peru 1 May 2003
  Poland 1 May 2003
  Puerto Rico 1 May 2003
  Singapore 1 May 2003
  Slovenia 1 May 2003
  Uruguay 1 May 2003
  Argentina 2 May 2003
  Bulgaria 2 May 2003
  Canada 2 May 2003
  Denmark 2 May 2003
  Estonia 2 May 2003
  Finland 2 May 2003
  Greece 2 May 2003
  Jamaica 2 May 2003
  Latvia 2 May 2003
  Portugal 2 May 2003
  Romania 2 May 2003
  Sweden 2 May 2003
  Thailand 2 May 2003
  Turkey 2 May 2003
  United States 2 May 2003
  South Africa 2 May 2003
  Japan 3 May 2003
  Indonesia 7 May 2003
  Kazakhstan 8 May 2003
  Russia 8 May 2003
  India 9 May 2003
  Egypt 4 June 2003
  Israel 19 June 2003
  Kuwait 8 July 2003

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