Óscar Pérez

Venezuelan police investigator, actor, and rebel leader

Óscar Alberto Pérez (7 April 1981 – 15 January 2018) was a Venezuelan political activist and CICPC investigator, Venezuela's investigative agency. He was a harsh critic of president Maduro's rule in Venezuela politics. He started to be a rebel (as he was defined by the NYTimes) against Maduro since the mid 2010.

Oscar Perez
Óscar Alberto Pérez.png
Óscar Alberto Pérez

(1981-04-07)7 April 1981[1]
Caracas, Venezuela
Died15 January 2018(2018-01-15) (aged 36)
Caracas, Venezuela
Cause of deathFirearm
OccupationPolitical activist, investigator,Rebel leader
EmployerCuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC)
Known forResponsible for the 2017 Caracas helicopter attack
Pérez in a nocturnal opposition march in Altamira on 13 July 2017


He was born in Caracas in 1981 and since young he was an activist in the Venezuela politics. He did not like the "Chavism" since the early 2010s, when president Chavez started to show full alliance with Castro's Cuba. Óscar Pérez was better known for being responsible for the 2017 Caracas helicopter attack during the 2017 Venezuelan protests and the 2017 Venezuelan constitutional crisis.

On 15 January 2018, the Venezuelan army and the Venezuelan National Guard launched an operation to capture Óscar Pérez, who was held up in the western Caracas neighborhood of El Junquito. Pérez resisted the attack. After three hours of shooting, Pérez wanted to surrender but he was shot dead along with his men. His death was confirmed by the Venezuelan police one day later.[2]

The government has been accused of unlawfully killing the group after video clips Perez posted during the shootout showed him calling out that the rebels wished to surrender.Perez was the last of the seven to be buried by the military over the weekend. The families received death certificates showing that he and five others had each died of a gunshot to the head.Alfredo Romero, director of the Caracas-based human rights group Foro Penal, told local media that he's demanding a thorough investigation to determine whether the deaths were acts of "intentional homicide."NYTimes[3]

Worldwide reactions to his deathEdit

The international media and some politicians & citizens all over the world defined what has happened in El Junquito as a «massacre»» and did harsh critics to Maduro & his government.

Some of the countries were: Bolivia,[4] Brasil,[5][6][7] Colombia, with critics from ex-president Andrés Pastrana,[8][9] USA, with senator Marco Rubio angry comments[10], Guatemala,[11] Paraguay[12], Uruguay[13], Spain[14][15] and France[16]. Additionally, the main media in Italy (Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Repubblica, Il Giornale, etc..) for a full week showed in first page the El Junquito massacre news.[17]

Twenty ex-presidents of Latino-America & Spain made harsh critics against the Maduro government's Massacre of El Junquito. They wrote on "Iniciativa Democrática de España y las Américas (IDEA)" a message of denounce. The underwriters were: Óscar Arias, Rafael Ángel Calderón, Laura Chinchilla y Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, from Costa Rica; Felipe González y José María Aznar, from Spain, y Nicolás Ardito Barletta y Mireya Moscoso, from Panamá; Belisario Betancur, Andrés Pastrana, César Gaviria y Álvaro Uribe, from Colombia; Felipe Calderón y Vicente Fox, from México; Alfredo Cristiani, from El Salvador; Fernando de la Rúa, from Argentina; Lucio Gutiérrez, Jamil Mahuad y Osvaldo Hurtado, from Ecuador; y Luis Alberto Lacalle y Julio María Sanguinetti, from Uruguay; Jorge Tuto Quiroga, from Bolivia, y Juan Carlos Wasmosy, from Paraguay.

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