5 (V) is a common year of the Julian calendar which started on a Thursday.[1] According to the Gregorian calendar, it started on a Saturday.[2] It was known as the Year of the Consulship of Messalla and Cinna. It was the 5th year of the 1st century.

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AD 5 in other calendars
Gregorian calendarAD 5
Ab urbe condita758
Assyrian calendar4755
Balinese saka calendarN/A
Bengali calendar−588
Berber calendar955
Buddhist calendar549
Burmese calendar−633
Byzantine calendar5513–5514
Chinese calendar甲子(Wood Rat)
2701 or 2641
    — to —
乙丑年 (Wood Ox)
2702 or 2642
Coptic calendar−279 – −278
Discordian calendar1171
Ethiopian calendar−3 – −2
Hebrew calendar3765–3766
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat61–62
 - Shaka SamvatN/A
 - Kali Yuga3105–3106
Holocene calendar10005
Iranian calendar617 BP – 616 BP
Islamic calendar636 BH – 635 BH
Javanese calendarN/A
Julian calendarAD 5
Korean calendar2338
Minguo calendar1907 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−1463
Seleucid era316/317 AG
Thai solar calendar547–548
Tibetan calendar阳木鼠年
(male Wood-Rat)
131 or −250 or −1022
    — to —
(female Wood-Ox)
132 or −249 or −1021

It is one of only seven years to use just one Roman numeral. The seven are 1 AD (I), 5 AD (V), 10 AD (X), 50 AD (L), 100 AD (C), 500 AD (D), and 1000 AD (M).

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