republic of Russia; federal subject of Russia

The Republic of Adygea (/ˌɑːdɪˈɡə/;[11] Russian: Респу́блика Адыге́я; Adyghe: Адыгэ Республик, Adygæ Respublik), also called the Adyghe Republic, is a federal subject of Russia in the North Caucasus region of Eastern Europe. It is the fifth-smallest federal subject in Russia. Adygea is one of Russia's republics and home to the Circassian people. The official languages of Adygea are Russian and Adyghe. The capital and largest city of Adygea is Maykop, which houses one-third of the republic's population.

Republic of Adygea
Республика Адыгея (Russian)
Адыгэ Республик (Adyghe)
—  Republic  —


Coat of arms
Coordinates: 44°39′N 40°00′E / 44.650°N 40.000°E / 44.650; 40.000Coordinates: 44°39′N 40°00′E / 44.650°N 40.000°E / 44.650; 40.000
Political status
Federal districtSouthern[2]
Economic regionNorth Caucasus[3]
EstablishedJuly 3, 1991
Republic DayOctober 5[4]
Government (as of January 2017)
 • Head[5]Murat Kumpilov
 • LegislatureState Council (Khase)[5]
Area (as of the 2002 Census)[6]
 • Total7,792 km2 (3,009 sq mi)
Area rank80th
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total439,996
 • Rank74th
 • Density[7]56.47/km2 (146.3/sq mi)
 • Urban50.9%
 • Rural49.1%
Population (2018 est.)
 • Total453,376[8]
Time zone(s)MSK (UTC+04:00)
ISO 3166-2RU-AD
License plates01
Official languagesRussian;[9] Adyghe[10]
Official website

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