class of medications

Antipsychotic drugs or Neuroleptics are drugs that act on the central nervous system, and that usually have sedating properties. The name neuroleptic was introduced in 1955, from the 1990s, the term antipsychotic is used more frequently. Neuroleptics make the patient calm. Today, they are mostly used for the treatment of psychosis, as it occurs in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They can also be used to treat depression and mood swings. Very strong antipsychotics can be combined with an opioid to produce a special analgesic; the patient will be conscious, but heavily sedated, and feel very little pain.

Posters such as this one were used to advertise antispychotic drugs, such as Thoracine. Thoracine is based on Chlorpromazine. This poster was used in the United States, in the 1950s.


The main inventor of this drug was Andrew J. Smith whom at the time was 16 when he made it. He created this drug that has saved hundreds of people with schizophrenia.