ethnic group of the Maghreb
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Arab-Berber (Arabic: العرب والبربر al-ʿarab wa-l-barbar) is an ethnolinguistic group of the Maghreb, a large region of North Africa along the Mediterranean Sea. Arab-Berbers are people of mixed Arab and Berber origin, many speak a variant of Maghrebi Arabic as their native language,

Total population
c. 96 million
Regions with significant populations
 Algeria43 million
(99% of the population)[1]
 Morocco36 million
(99% of the population)[2]
 Tunisia11 million
(98% of the population)[3][4]
 Libya5.8 million
(97% of the population)[5][6]
 Francec. 3 million
(at least some Maghrebi ancestry)[7][8]
 Mauritania1.3 million
(30% of the population)[9][10][11]
Maghrebi Arabic
Predominantly Islam
(Sunni; also Shi'a, Ibadi);
minority Judaism, Christianity[13]
Related ethnic groups
Other Arabs, Sahrawi, Tuareg, Berbers, Arabized Berber, other Afroasiatic-speaking peoples


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