Roman Emperor from 395–408 (377-408)

Arcadius (Greek: Ἀρκάδιος, c. 377 - 1 May 408) Was a Eastern Roman emperor from 16 January 383 - 1 May 408. He was the eldest son of Emperor Theodosius I, Arcadius ruled the Eastern Empire while his brother Honorius ruled the West. Just like his brother Honorius, He also proved to be a weak emperor as he was dominated by powerful ministers and including his wife Aelia Flaccila.

Bust of Emperor Arcadius
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign16 January 383 - 1 May 408
(senior from 16 January 395)
PredecessorTheodosius I
SuccessorTheodosius II
Co-rulersTheodosius I (383 - 395)
Honorius (West, 393 - 408)
Theodosius II (402 - 408)
Bornc. 377
Died1 May 408
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
SpouseAelia Eudoxia
Theodosius II
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Flavius Arcadius Augustus
FatherTheodosius I
MotherAelia Flaccila
ReligionNicene Christianity

The first crisis Arcadius had to face was the rebellion of the Visigoths in 395, under the command of Alaric I, who sought to take advantage of the accession of two inexperienced Roman emperors. As Alaric marched towards Constantinople, plundering Macedonia and Thrace, the eastern court could offer no response, as the majority of its army had gone to Italy with Theodosius and was now in the hands of Stilicho. Perhaps sensing an opportunity to exercise power in the eastern half of the empire as well, Stilicho declared that Theodosius had made him guardian over both his sons.