Theodosius II

Byzantine Emperor (401–450)

Theodosius (Greek: Θεοδόσιος, c. 401 - 28 July 450) Was Eastern Roman emperor from 10 January 402 - 28 July 450. Theodosius ruled the Eastern Empire as an infant after his Father Arcadius died while his uncle Honorius ruled the West. His reign marked the promulgation of Theodosian law code and the Construction of the famous Theodosian Walls.

Theodosius II
Bust of Theodosius II
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign10 January 402 - 28 July 450
SuccessorLeo I
Bornc. 401
Died28 July 450 (aged 49)
SpouseAelia Eudocia
IssueLicinia Eudoxia
Regnal name
Latin: Imperator Caesar Flavius Theodosius Augustus
Greek: Αὐτοκράτωρ καῖσαρ Φλάβιος Θεοδόσιος αὐγουστος
MotherAelia Eudoxia
ReligionNicene Christianity

Later in his reign, the Eastern Empire was pretry much in a constant warfare from the Huns in which was devastating from the Empire due to the sack and lootings of the cities in the Balkans but nevertheless was able to somewhat gain some victories including the failed Hun offensive into Constantinople.