Honorius (emperor)

Roman emperor

Honorius (Latin: Flavius Honorius, c. 384 - 15 August 423) Was a Western Roman emperor from 23 January 393 - 15 August 423. Honorius inherited the Western half of the Roman Empire after the death of emperor Theodosius I, while his brother Arcadius inherited the Eastern half.

Detail of Honorius as one of the consular diptych of Probus
Roman Emperor of the West
Reign23 January 393 - 15 August 423
PredecessorTheodosius I
Co-rulersTheodosius I
Arcadius (393 - 408) (East)
Theodosius II (408 - 423) (East)
Bornc. 384
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Died15 August 423 (aged 38)
Ravenna, Western Roman Empire
SpouseMaria (m. 398, died, 407)
Thermantia (m. 408 divorced)
Full name
Flavius Honorius
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Flavius Honorius Augustus
FatherTheodosius I
ReligionNicene Christianity

His reign was pretty chaotic with constant civil wars and revolts and in 410 AD, Rome was sacked for the first time in 800 years by the Visigoths.