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Ashikaga shogunate

former country in Japan
The Ashikaga Shogunate had its center in the Muromachi palace (花の御所, Hana-no-gosho).

The Ashikaga shogunate (足利幕府, Ashikaga bakufu, 1336–1573), also known as the Muromachi shogunate (室町幕府, Muromachi bakufu), was a feudal Japanese feudal military government.[1] The heads of government were the shoguns.[2] Each was a member of the Ashikaga clan.[3]

These years are known as the Muromachi period. The period takes gets its name from the district in Kyoto where the Ashikaga shoguns lived.[1]



In 1336, the Ashikaga Takauji and the Ashikaga clan established a military government in Kyoto.

List of Ashikaga ShogunsEdit

Marker for Site of Muromachi Bakufu, Kyoto
  1. Ashikaga Takauji, ruled 1338–1358[4]
  2. Ashikaga Yoshiakira, r. 1359–1368[5]
  3. Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, r. 1368–1394[6]
  4. Ashikaga Yoshimochi, r. 1395–1423[7]
  5. Ashikaga Yoshikazu, r. 1423–1425[8]
  6. Ashikaga Yoshinori, r. 1429–1441[9]
  7. Ashikaga Yoshikatsu, r. 1442–1443[10]
  8. Ashikaga Yoshimasa, r. 1449–1473[11]
  9. Ashikaga Yoshihisa, r. 1474–1489[12]
  10. Ashikaga Yoshitane, r. 1490–1493, 1508–1521[13]
  11. Ashikaga Yoshizumi, r. 1494–1508[14]
  12. Ashikaga Yoshiharu, r. 1521–1546[15]
  13. Ashikaga Yoshiteru, r. 1546–1565[16]
  14. Ashikaga Yoshihide, r. 1568[17]
  15. Ashikaga Yoshiaki, r. 1568–1573[18]

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The black and white striped symbol of the Ashikaga family.
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