Boomerang (TV network)

American cable television channel
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Boomerang is the name of the 2nd television network owned by Cartoon Network. Boomerang was one of the two actual spin-offs of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim showing classic animated cartoons and animated television series from the Hanna-Barbera archives. Cartoon Network showing CN originals and modern cartoons, and Adult Swim showing adult cartoons for teens and adults.

Current Boomerang still used today (January 19, 2015-Present)
Current Boomerang still used today (January 19, 2015-Present)

Formerly a segment of programming within the Cartoon Network, the channel was launched at the end of the 20th century and introduced to satellite on April 1, 2000. When it launched back on April 1, 2000 there were bumpers telling you what was coming up next. The current Boomerang coming up next, idents, promos, blocks, and bumpers were used from (April 1, 2000-present)

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