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The Dards are a group of un-mixed Indo-Aryan people living in Northern Pakistan, Western Jammu & Kashmir, and Eastern Afghanistan who speak the Dardic languages. A very small minority also live in Xinjiang, China and Tajikistan.[4]

Dardic peoples
Regions with significant populations
Northern Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
Northwestern India (Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh)
Eastern Afghanistan (Kapisa, Kunar, Laghman, Nangarhar, Nuristan)
Dardic languages
Predominantly: Islam (Sunni, Shia and Sofia Noorbakhshia)[1]
Minority: Hinduism,[2] Ancient Hinduism/Animism (Kalash people)[3]
Related ethnic groups
Other Indo-Aryan peoples

Dardic is a geographical phrase, not a ethnic or linguistic one.[5] It is not used by any of its speakers. Dardic languages are mostly Indic, but have a huge amount Iranian loanwords from Pashto, Yidgha, or Ormuri.

List of Dardic people



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