Delaware Colony

former colony in North America, part of Great Britain

Delaware Colony was a North American colony. It was in land on the bank of the Delaware River Bay. People settled to here in the 1600s. The first people here were Lenape and possibly the Assateague tribes of Native Americans. The first European settlers were Swedes. In the 1700s, Delaware Colony's English colonists were mostly quaker.

Lower Counties on the Delaware Bay
Flag of Delaware
Delaware in 1757
Delaware in 1757
StatusColony of England (1664–1707)
Colony of Great Britain (1707–76)
CapitalNew Castle
Common languagesEnglish, Dutch, Munsee, Unami
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
LegislatureGeneral Assembly of Delaware Colony
• Established
CurrencyDelaware pound
Preceded by
Succeeded by
New Netherland
Today part ofUnited States

The Lower Counties of Delaware were governed from Pennsylvania from 1682 until 1701. The Lower Counties then petitioned to become a colony. This made the two colonies independent. They had the same governor until 1776. At the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, the colonies decided to create the state of Delaware.

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Coordinates: 39°44′17″N 75°33′29″W / 39.738°N 75.558°W / 39.738; -75.558