Division of Adelaide

Australian federal electoral division

The Division of Adelaide is an Australian electoral division in South Australia. It includes the Adelaide city centre and the suburbs of Ashford, Clarence Park, Enfield, Goodwood, Kent Town, Keswick, Kilburn, Maylands, North Adelaide, Northgate, Norwood, Parkside, Prospect, Rose Park, St Peters, Toorak Gardens, Unley and Walkerville.[1]

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Adelaide 2013.png
Adelaide (dark green) in the city of Adelaide
MPSteve Georganas
NamesakeAdelaide, South Australia
Electors121606 (2019)
Area76 km2 (29.3 sq mi)
DemographicInner Metropolitan

It was set up in 1903 and is named for the city of Adelaide, South Australia's capital, which was named for Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV.[1]


Image Member Party Term Notes
    Charles Kingston
Protectionist 1903–
11 May 1908
Previously held the Division of South Australia. Died in office
    Ernest Roberts
Labor 1908-1913 Previously held the South Australian House of Assembly seat of Gladstone. Served as minister under Andrew Fisher. Died in office
    George Edwin Yates
Labor 1914]] –
Lost seat
    Reginald Blundell
Nationalist 1919 –
Previously held the South Australian House of Assembly seat of Adelaide. Lost seat
    George Edwin Yates
Labor 1922 –
Lost seat
    Fred Stacey
United Australia 1931 –
Lost seat
    Cyril Chambers
Labor 1943 –
August 1957
Served as minister under Ben Chifley. Retired
  Independent August 1957 –
June 1958
  Labor June 1958 –
    Joe Sexton
Labor 1958 –
Lost seat
    Andrew Jones
Liberal 1966 –
Lost seat
    Chris Hurford
Labor 1969]] –
31 December 1987
Served as minister under Bob Hawke. Resigned in order to become Australian Consul-General in New York
    Mike Pratt
Liberal 6 February 1988-1990 Lost seat
    Bob Catley
Labor 1990]] –1993 Lost seat
    Trish Worth
Liberal 1993 –
Lost seat
    Kate Ellis
Labor 2004 –
Served as minister under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Retired
    Steve Georganas
Labor 2019 –
Previously held the Division of Hindmarsh. Current member

Ernest Roberts was elected in 1908 after a by-election caused by the death of Charles Kingston. Kingston, a former Premier of South Australia, had been elected in 1903 unopposed. However Roberts died in 1913 which also caused a by-election. In 1988 Chris Hurford resigned to become the Australian Consul-General in New York, which also caused a by-election.

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