Dominion of Pakistan

period of Pakistani history between 1947 to 1956

The Dominion of Pakistan was an independent federal dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations within the British Empire that was created in 1947 in the partition of British India into two sovereign dominions (the other being the Union of India). The Dominion of Pakistan was under the autonomy of the British Empire and existed as an autonomous region of the Commonwealth. It existed between 14 August 1947 and 23 March 1956 when the dominion was dissolved and Pakistan officially gained full independence from the British Empire and became an independent republic.

Emblem (1947–1955) of Pakistan
Emblem (1947–1955)
Anthem: Qaumī Tarānah
قَومی ترانہ
"The National Anthem"
Common languagesUrdu, Bengali, English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
King/Queen of Pakistan 
• 1947–52
George VI
• 1952–56
Elizabeth II
• 1947–48
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
• 1948–51
Khawaja Nazimuddin
• 1951–55
Malik Ghulam Muhammad
• 1955–56
Iskander Mirza
Prime Minister 
• 1947–51
Liaquat Ali Khan
• 1951–53
Khawaja Nazimuddin
• 1953–55
Muhammad Ali Bogra
• 1955–56
Chaudhry Muhammad Ali
Historical eraCold War
14 August 1947
• Indo-Pakistani War
CurrencyPakistani rupee
ISO 3166 codePK
Preceded by
Succeeded by
British India
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The dominion included modern-day Pakistan (called West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (East Pakistan). It was supposed to be a homeland for the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent and of the former British India. It became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956. The eastern part of the country became independent as the People's Republic of Bangladesh in 1971.