Emili Rosales i Castellà

Catalan editor and writer

Emili Rosales i Castellà is a Catalan writer and editor. He began in the field of poetry, but quickly changed to writing novels. After publishing three books in four years, he dedicated five years to publish the fifth. The effort was rewarded when La ciutat invisible won the Sant Jordi award. It received good reviews. The novel has been translated to Spanish.

Rosales at the presentation of La vida és lenta

Rosales has also worked as a translator.[1] He has been a literature professor. Occasionally he publishes book reviews in the press. He is the editorial director of Grup 62 (a publishing house)[2] and Destino.

His works have been translated to German, English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and Chinese.

Work Edit

Poetry Edit

  • 1989 — Ciutats i mar[3]
  • 1991 — Els dies i tu[3]

Novels Edit

  • 1995 — La casa de la platja[3]
  • 1997 — Els amos del món[3]
  • 1999 — Mentre Barcelona dorm[3]
  • 2005 — La ciutat invisible[3]

Awards Edit

References Edit

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