Serbian language

standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian language used by Serbs

Serbian is a South Slavic language spoken by Serbs, primarily in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and some parts of neighboring countries. It is also spoken by many Serbs in diaspora, mainly in Central European countries, North America and Australia. The language is European and south Slavic. This language got a complete makeover in the mid-1800s by Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić; when it was modernized from the times of Middle Ages, when "Old Serbian" was still spoken. Total number of speakers worldwide today is estimated to be more than 12 million.

Native toSerbia and neighboring regions
Native speakers
12 million[1][2]
Cyrillic (Serbian alphabet)
Latin (Gaj's alphabet)
Serbian Braille
Official status
Official language in
Recognised minority
language in
Regulated byBoard for Standardization of the Serbian Language
Language codes
ISO 639-1sr
ISO 639-2srp
ISO 639-3srp
Linguaspherepart of 53-AAA-g
  Countries where Serbian is an official language.
  Countries where it is recognized as a minority language.
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