Enamorada de Ti

1990 song recorded by Selena

"Enamorada de Ti" (English: I'm In Love With You) is a song recorded by American singer Selena. The song was written by Selena's brother who was the producer of her music A.B. Quintanilla III. The song was also written by a Selena y Los Dinos band member Pete Astudillo. It was for her second studio album Ven Conmigo (1990). The song is about a women who has strong emotions for a man. She exclaims that without him, she will have nothing.

"Enamorada De Ti"
Song by Selena
from the album Ven Conmigo
JAG Records
(San Antonio, Texas)
GenreTejano pop, Latin dance, Dance-pop, Freestyle music
LabelEMI Latin
Songwriter(s)A.B. Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo
Producer(s)Abraham Quintanilla Jr, Brian "Red" Moore, Manny Gurrea, Jose Behar, Luis Rodriguez
Selena singles chronology
"No Quiero Saber"
"Enamorada De Ti"
"Ya Ves"

The song was not an official single. However, it did peak at number 32 on the Mexican Singles Chart. The song also appealed to a younger crowd. This helped Tejano music to be liked by many young adults. Many LGBT Selena fans had done many cover versions of "Enamorada de Ti", who had been performed the song during many drag shows across America. "Enamorada de Ti" was given positive feedback from music critics. Many of them wrote about how the song was the first freestyle song to be mixed with Tejano. Selena had promoted the song on her Ven Conmigo Tour, which lasted from 1990-1992.

Production and development


"Enamorada de Ti" was recorded at JAG Records in San Antonio, Texas.[1] The studio was rented for two days by EMI Latin for Selena to record several songs.[1] Selena's brother, A.B. Quintanilla III had written the song.[2] Quintanilla III had help from Pete Astudillo, who once was a backup dancer for Selena y Los Dinos.[2] A family friend Brian "Red" Moore remixed the song.[1] Quintanilla III had to name the song "Enmorada de Ti".[3] By doing this, "Enamorada de Ti" became the second song by Selena to have this title. The first song that was titled "Enamorada de Ti" was on Selena's independent album Muñequito de Trapo (1986), which had a different meaning.[3]

The song is about a women who is in love with a man and can not control her feelings for him. She is in love with a man who is no longer near her, she tells him that she can't live without him and that his love helps relive her depression that she has. The song is a mid-tempo song that is performed in C major with 112 beats per minute. It uses the electronic keyboard and the electric guitar as its main musical instruments.[4]

The song had became the first Tejano song to be in freestyle.[5][6][7] Selena had wanted to sing songs that could appeal to younger audiences.[5] Quintanilla III had introduced a new "type" of sound into Tejano music.[8] This helped to attract younger people to Tejano, which was not liked before by young adults. Quintanilla III was credited and awarded for this at the Tejano Music Awards.[8]



The song was not released as an official single, however it managed to peak at number 32 on the Mexican Singles Chart.[9] It stood on the chart for only ten weeks.[9] The song failed to impact any other music chart.[9] Quintanilla III was awarded "Songwriter of the Year" for "Baila Esta Cumbia", "No Quiero Saber", "Ya Ves" and "Enamorada de Ti"; at the 1991 Tejano Music Awards.[10] Selena promoted "Enamorada de Ti" during her Ven Conmigo Tour, which lasted from 1990-1992. She had first performed the song during the 1990 Tejano Music Awards.[11] Javier Lopez, who is an editor for TVyNovelas, stated that Selena's performance of the song was one of best performed dance-moves that night.[12]

Selena had choreographed dance moves.[13] Selena also was inspired by Micheal Jackson's moonwalk.[14] She also took inspiration from Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation".[14] That night she had won "Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Female Entertainer of the Year".[10] Selena had performed the song on the Spanish-language television show called Bailando in October 1992.[15] She also had performed the song during the 1992 Lo Nuestro Awards in Miami, Florida.[16] Her final performance was at her Los Angeles, California concert. She performed the song as her first number in November 1993.[16]

The song has been covered by LGBT Selena fans.[17] The song was also performed in many drag shows across the United States.[17]

Critical reception


Carla Manuela Dejesus, who is an editor for Furia Musical, stated that "Enamorada de Ti" was one of the "best freestyle-tejano songs" in Tejano history.[18] Sebastian Rodriguez, who is an editor for TVyNovelas, wrote that "Enamorada de Ti" was one of the best songs composed for Ven Conmigo.[19] He also stated that it showed people where Tejano music was heading into.[19] Mario Tarradell, who is an editor for The Dallas Morning News, stated that "Enamorada de Ti" is a catchy "dance-pop croker".[20]


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